Using Another Mac as a Display

Using Another Mac as a Display

What you will need to set up Mac-to-Mac

  • Primary Mac - the main Mac you will be using (the host device)
  • Secondary Mac - the extended display (the receiving device)
  • Reliable local Wi-Fi network connection
  • Luna Display and the Luna Display apps for both the Primary and Secondary Mac
Please note:
  • Luna Display currently supports the iMac as a non-retina display when using it as a secondary Mac in Mac-to-Mac mode.
  • Luna Display supports the new M1 Apple Silicon chip on Mac, though there are some hardware limitations on the number of external displays allowed. Check Apple's device technical specifications to see what is compatible with your device.


How to Connect your Macs

1. Connect both Macs to the same Wi-Fi network. If the Macs are using different networks, they will not be able to find each other. You may connect via Wi-Fi or with an Ethernet connection.

2.Luna Primary Mac app iconOpen the Luna Primary app on your Primary Mac.

The Luna Primary app has an icon with a grey and white cat.
- You will need to enable Accessibility in macOS Mojave or later.
- You will need to enable Screen Recording in macOS Catalina or later. Luna Display does not record or save the contents of your screen.


Luna Secondary Mac app icon

Open the Luna Secondary app on your Secondary Mac.

The Luna Secondary app has an icon with a black and grey cat.

4. Both Macs should automatically connect! If the Macs do not automatically connect:
  • make sure both Macs are connected to the same network
  • check that the correct apps are open on each Mac
  • try Manual Wi-Fi Connect (see the section below)


Using Wi-Fi Manual Connect

1. Select Wi-Fi Manual Connect on both the Primary and Secondary Luna Mac apps.

2. Four sets of numbers will appear in the Luna app on your Primary Mac.

3. A similar sequence of four sets of numbers should also appear in the Luna app on your Secondary Mac, but with a few missing digits.

4. Enter the last few digits of the number set from the Primary Mac into the Secondary Mac to complete the number sequence.

5. Select Connect on your Secondary Mac app after entering the numbers. Your Macs should now be connected!