Load image into Gallery viewer, Microsoft Azure Kinect DK
Load image into Gallery viewer, Microsoft Azure Kinect DK
Load image into Gallery viewer, Microsoft Azure Kinect DK
Load image into Gallery viewer, Microsoft Azure Kinect DK
Load image into Gallery viewer, Microsoft Azure Kinect DK
Load image into Gallery viewer, Microsoft Azure Kinect DK
Load image into Gallery viewer, Microsoft Azure Kinect DK
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Microsoft Azure Kinect DK

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Azure Kinect is a cutting-edge spatial computing developer kit with sophisticated computer vision and speech models, advanced AI sensors, and a range of powerful SDKs that can be connected to Azure cognitive services.

Using Azure Kinect, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and media enterprises are leveraging spatial data and context to enhance operational safety, increase performance, improve outcomes, and revolutionize the customer experience.

Develop safer solutions and strengthen engagement

Use computer vision to track and monitor exercise movements and overall form. Create a smart gym experience that can enhance results, or an accessible and effective virtual rehabilitation solution.

Pair real-time depth sensor data with AI-driven insights. Prevent and mitigate potential patient accidents and injuries in care environments with predictive alerts.

Deliver improved safety and performance

Use advanced body tracking to monitor and analyze worker movement and behavior. Design safer, more ergonomic workstations that can mitigate long-term injury risk while improving productivity through task analysis and process optimization.

Pair real-time depth sensor data with cognitive services for AI-driven part identification and real-time anomaly detection. Monitor assembly line workers to catch part or process issues right away for a just-in-time fix.

Reimagine communication and engagement

Add computer vision and speech capabilities to smart signage. Transform smart signage into interactive, personalized kiosks that can enhance brand engagement.

Use depth sensing to capture high-quality volumetric video for use in interactive 3D environments. Leverage 3D volumetric video for cutting-edge immersive storytelling, delivered through interactive XR experiences.

Transform experiences and accelerate innovation

Use dimensional analysis to maximize transport storage space and optimize shipping logistics. Move from pre-defined delivery routes to real-time routes based on inventory analysis and subsequent last-mile efficiency.

Create a connected retail experience by mapping and monitoring retail stores in real-time. Gain actionable customer insights and create alerts leveraging spatial data.

Gain new environmental understanding

Use depth sensing to automate depalletization and palletization processes. Streamline repetitive tasks like stripping down a pallet to improve productivity while optimizing storage space in smart ways.

Mobilize robot workers with spatial data. Automate new tasks by bringing robots into human spaces, from picking online orders and tracking shelf inventory to maintaining the spatial data of digital twin models.

Built for developers

Less than half the size of Kinect for Windows v2, Azure Kinect DK was designed to pull together our best AI sensors in a single device.

Innovative Experiences

Unlock new business value and create transformative customer experiences with cutting-edge spatial computing capabilities-the next frontier of human machine interaction.

What's inside the Azure Kinect DK

  • 1-MP depth sensor with wide and narrow field-of-view (FOV) options that help you optimize for your application
  • 7-microphone array for far-field speech and sound capture
  • 12-MP RGB video camera for an additional color stream that’s aligned to the depth stream
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope (IMU) for sensor orientation and spatial tracking
  • External sync pins to easily synchronize sensor streams from multiple Kinect devices


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