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Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field

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the evolution of the OP–1 synthesizer. inspired by a decade of technological advancements, ideas and improvements, OP–1 field features a new low aluminum frame, field color palette, glass screen and is packed with 100 new features.

louder, thinner and 100 times better.
introducing the all new OP–1 field. injected with more than a decade ofideas, refinements and improvements. just to mention a few: stereothroughout the whole signal chain, bluetooth midi, usb type-c, a newspeaker system with a passive driver for detailed, fat and loud sound,a massive 24 hour battery life, multiple tapes and recording formats,new great sounding reverb and the 'dimension' synth engine, an allglass, flush, high resolution display. we also meticulously reworked allgraphics, screen by screen. did we mention fm broadcasting? well, that's just some of the 100 new features!

reworked, refined, reborn.
think of OP–1 field as the natural continuation of its predecessor.updated with the latest technology, improved design and finely tuned with
professional musicians, recording artists and sound designers in mind.higher quality in all aspects, from its circuitry to connectivity and flexibility,it's tailor made for professionals in the field.

if it feels thinner. it is.
we didn't want to alter the original OP–1 too much, because we think we got itmore or less right the first time; but by lowering the aluminium bodyaround the keyboard, the new OP–1 field feels lighter, thinner and more precise.with 2k molding we also managed to fit a dual 2.4 GHzantenna system inside the aluminium body.
the back is warm, velcro and bass.

Teenage Engineering added two soft velcro rings on the back for fastening covers and accessories.perhaps you want to stick your OP–1 field on top of your full size keyboard orslap it on a guitar? use the included adhesive looped back and start experimenting.on the right you'll find an additional passive loudspeaker for hugely improved bass. and for a ’no-more-cold-metal-on-your-lap’ experience, we enfoldedthe aluminum body in a warm, soft touch, hard cover.

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Teenage Engineering Field System.

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Teenage Engineering Field System.

Customer Reviews

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Adam S
Now I understand.

I tried the old OP-1 back in 2013 but didn't get it.

Fast forward to 2023, I have more experience with DAWless and many hardware and software synths in my studio. Now I can get why it's so popular.

No other synth likes it; they are bigger, less portable, or less powerful.

The price tag is premium, but the unit is absolutely premium.