LaMetric Time

Connected clock for a Smart Home

RavPower Travel Router

Wireless Data Transfer and Backup Anywhere

Pocket Operators

Teenage Engineering OB-4


Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.6


Bjooks Books

Bjooks Books

Azure Kinect DK

Developer kit with advanced AI sensors for building computer vision and speech models

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Built for developers

Less than half the size of Kinect for Windows v2, Azure Kinect DK was designed to pull together our best AI sensors in a single device.

Innovative Experiences

Unlock new business value and create transformative customer experiences with cutting-edge spatial computing capabilities-the next frontier of human machine interaction.

Powered by Azure

Take your project further by combining Azure Kinect’s advanced sensors and vision and speech models with Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Machine Learning, and Azure IoT Edge.

Azure Kinect DK

Azure Kinect DK is a developer kit that contains a best-in-class 1MP depth camera, 360˚ microphone array, 12MP RGB camera, and orientation sensor for building advanced computer vision and speech models.

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Luna Display


Heavy-duty Workflows

✓ Connect over WiFi or USB
✓ Low-latency at 16 ms
✓ Crystal-clear image quality
✓ GPU acceleration

Limitless Flexibility for your Workspace

Mac-to-iPad Mode

Extend your Mac desktop to iPad

Headless Mode for Mac

Use your Mac or iPad as the main display for Mac Mini and Mac Pro

PC-to-iPad Mode

Extend your Windows desktop to iPad → Pre-order Now!

Your work-from-home companion


Set your alarm and wake up to fresh coffee in bed

The Milk Cooler

Keep milk cold and fresh in the smart refrigerator. It uses a peltier cooler and infrared sensor to detect if milk is present, regulating it to 3-5 °C // 37-41 °F to maintain freshness at > 35 D/B.

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Stay-Fresh Coffee Draw

Embedded in the body of the Barisieur, the coffee draw conveniently stores over a weeks worth of ground coffee/tea in a sealed container with included stainless steel scoop.

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GINA Smart Coffee Instrument

GINA is a one of a kind coffee maker with the option to brew your coffee in 3 different ways and an integrated scale to reach your perfect coffee flavors right from the comfort of your home.

A built-in smart scale.

Knowing the exact ratio between coffee and water is crucial when you’re looking to reach that perfect coffee flavor. 

While you need an extra scale with any other coffee tool out there, GINA already has one built in it.It’s hidden right there in the base. All data is instantly trackable in GINA APP that’s connected to the scale via Bluethooth.

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GINA APP is your barista coach guiding you to master the art of brewing and to fall even more in love with coffee!​

- one screen is for your scale + time tracking

- a user-friendly step-by-step brewing guide

- a platform with thousands of coffee lovers around the globe, sharing their knowledge of brewing every type of coffee.

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Ledger - Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

Ledger Nano S and X are anow availble. We're an official reseller in New Zealand and Asia since 2017.

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